3 Reasons Why the Group Should Stop Splitting Up


Although the group was finally reunited in the first episode of season 5, the ‘Walking Dead’ characters have once again found themselves split up into multiple groups with their own goals, timeline and events. The main conceit of the second half of season 4 was that the group was split up and needed to find each other again. This concept worked because it was the first time that the group was so completely isolated from each other, and the simultaneous timelines were a great way for the characters to exhibit some unique character development.

However, enough is enough—it’s time for the writers to stop splitting the characters into groups with their own separate stories. If you need more convincing, consider the following three reasons why the “Walking Dead” group should stop splitting up.

#1: The timelines get frustrating
The non-simultaneous timelines in the second half of season 4 worked because it was the first time that the show really employed this technique, and many of the mysteries of the timelines created a great sense of anxiety and tension. Were Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith already at Terminus when Rick and his group were ambushed there? Were Daryl and Beth close enough to anyone in the group to find them?


At this point, however, the characters have been separated for long enough and the “mysteries” of the alternate timelines are now more frustrating and sometimes downright annoying than they are intriguing or nail biting.

#2: It is better to have one or two great goals than multiple mediocre ones
It would have been better for the entire group to be dedicated to one goal—saving Beth, or going to D.C., or one right after the other—than for the group to be split and pursing several half-hearted goals at the same time.

#3: The group hasn’t had much of a chance for interaction
When the group finally came together again at the end of the first episode of season 5, fans thought that we would once again be treated to the interesting group dynamics that made the show so compelling. Carol and Rick’s relationship, for example, would have been interesting to explore again after the events of the season 5 opener. However, the group was—once again—split into teams and any potential interaction they have is now limited to a few choice characters.