How to Choose the Right TV Streaming Service for Your Needs

When you are trying to find out which online streaming site is the best fit for you, you should research each of them. You should know about all the features they have to offer, their monthly fee, and most importantly, whether or not they fulfil your entertainment needs.

Well, here is some help. All that you need to know about the most popular TV and movie streaming services has been listed below. You only have to make your decision which is best for you and your family. One thing to remember is that you need to have a reliable high-speed internet service provider in order to use any of these streaming services.

Amazon Prime Instant Video


Backed by Amazon, Amazon Prime Instant Video has made a niche for itself in the market. In only a few years, the service has filled its library with high quality content. There are so many television shows and movies in the Amazon lineup that you will never have time to get bored. Apart from the regular streaming, the service also offers a variety of original programs.

Not only does Amazon Prime offer a lot of premium content to its users, there is also an option for the subscriber to watch content offline by downloading videos. Then, there are the Amazon perks that accompany its streaming service. The company has offered its users free shipping, a free Kindle book each month, and access to its other online platforms, with just one subscription.

You can get Amazon Prime Instant Video at just $10.99 monthly fee. If you are sure that you want to stick with the service, then the annual subscription will be a better bet at $99.



Streaming services and Netflix have almost become synonymous with each other. Such is the leadership of Netflix in the industry. The service has been around for long, and that has given it time to grow and optimize its user interface. This has resulted in the highly user-friendly interface that Netflix has today.

As far as the content is concerned, the huge movie library of Netflix is its core strength. There are a lot of titles in its collection and they are updated regularly. You will find movies easily on the platform, along with some great recommendations, as to what you should see next. TV shows found on Netflix are good for binge watching. But, don’t expect the most recent shows running on cable to show up in the listing soon. Instead, subscribe to Netflix for the great original programming that it has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

The subscription fee for Netflix package used to be $8.99, which has now been increased to $9.99. This has made Netflix actually pricier than Amazon Prime Instant Video. But, it would be safe to say that the fans of Netflix originals will not be missing out on their favorite show’s episodes, just because of the slight hike.

Sling TV


This is an interesting streaming service that brings together the comfort of streaming services as well as the variety of cable television. With this subscription at home, you can access live streaming of many

channels like CNN, The Food Network, TBS, AMC, and many more. The best part is the availability of ESPN and ESPN 2 on the platform. Sports fans can rejoice that a streaming service is finally offering what they have been waiting for all along. Not only this, if you are looking for more sports channels, you can happily add 9 more for just $5 with the Sling TV sports package.

All of this is available to the users for $20 a month. Yes, it is on the expensive side, but given the traditional TV experience it is offering, without all the hassles of contracts, it is a fair deal. Sling TV works on a variety of devices including PC, smartphones, XBox One, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus Player, and Roku.

Hulu Plus


Hulu Plus, at just $7.99 a month, will offer you the latest television shows, as soon as they are aired on the cable. This is one streaming service you should be subscribing to, if you are more into television shows than movies. It is definitely not the best service for movie enthusiasts though. There is a lot to watch and the regularly updated TV show library of Hulu Plus is an absolute delight.

Be warned that there are a lot of commercials that you will have to sit through, if you stream via Hulu Plus. In fact, there is a 3-minute advertisement for every 10-minutes of video content. There is another option for users, who do not want to compromise on their viewing experience. You can opt for the more expensive $11.99 package. With this pack, you will have near ad-free experience. There are some ads with specific videos in this pack too.

Sony Playstation Vue


This is a streaming service backed by Sony and the one that feels just like cable both in content and in price. PlayStation Vue provides live access to more than 50 channels. What this means is that if you subscribe to Vue, you will be able to watch 50+ channels as they are aired on cable. Not only this, this service also offers an option to record your favorite shows for later. This is just like the DVR services offered with cable. The most basic package for Sony Playstation Vue clocks in at almost $50 a month fee. Don’t forget, this is only the base pack.

It is definitely the most expensive streaming service you can have. But, given the kinds of features it is offering, a fair comparison would be to cable services. Compared to them, it is definitely cheaper and hassle-free as well.

You should be aware that PlayStation Vue can be accessed on a limited number of devices right now. These include Sony smart TVs and gaming consoles, of course. Other than that, it can also be used on Apple’s mobile devices, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

The Good Wife Fun Facts

The Good Wife is an American television legal and political drama that premiered on CBS on September 22, 2009. Created by Robert King and Michelle King, the series stars Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Archie Panjabi, Matt Czuchry and Alan Cumming, while featuring Chris Noth in a recurring role throughout the seasons. The show is executive produced by  Ridley Scott, Charles McDougall, and David W. Zucker.

The show is heavily serialized, oftentimes having multiple story arcs that play throughout the season, each with their own mini or side plots that weave in and out of the main storys plot. The serial aspect of The Good Wife highlights the smaller stories in seasons 5 and 6 of the series, and is a drastic difference from the majority of shows that air on CBS, which are procedural shows.

With an amazing cast and commanding performances to sup

The series focuses on Alicia Florrick in the aftermath of her husband, Peter Florrick, being sent to jail on charges of corruption, and a possible sex scandal. Florrick must dust off her old skills as a litigator if she hopes to provide for her children in the absence of their father.port it, The Good Wife has received critical acclaim since its debut. The Show has been received numerous awards, including 5 Emmys, and the 2014 Television Critics Association award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama. Most notably, Julianna Margulies role as Alicia Florrick has received exceptional praise.

Partially inspired by a series of political scandals, the show makes references to several scandals involving politicians, including Bill Clinton and Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York. One of the shows creators, Michael King explained, We came up with the idea about a year and a half ago.


There had been this waterfall of these kinds of scandals, from Bill and Hillary [Clinton], to Dick Morris, to Eliot Spitzer, to name just a few. I think they are all over our culture. And there was always this image of the husband up there apologizing and the wife standing next to him. I think the show began when we asked, What are they thinking?’

The Good Wife has received universal critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike, all of which praise the shows stunning characterization and drama. In reviewing the first early episodes many critics specifically praised the acting talents of the cast across the board. The first season of the show received a Metacritic rating of 76 out of 100 based on 26 reviews. Similarly, the second, third and fourth seasons scored highly on the Metacritic website, the rising levels of interest indicating universal acclaim.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show boasts a 100% approval rating from critics across 6 seasons, based on 27 critics for season six. The websites consensus states, Though in its sixth season, The Good Wife remains one of network televisions best shows with sharp writing, vibrant characters, and high production values.

The Chicago Tribune commended the show on its ability to keep audiences entertained and returning week after week for more drama and answers to their questions. They commended the show, noting that One of the best parts of the show is Alicias complicated relationship with her husband, who humiliated his family with a sex scandal but also appears to be a pawn in a larger game being played by high-level politician.

The sixth season finale airs on Sunday March 29 at 9:00 pm PT on CBS. Just click right here to find more television & internet entertainment options.


Why Paranormal Witness Terrifies Us More than “Ghost Hunting” Shows

Paranormal Witness is one of the scariest shows on television, and is infinitely more terrifying than the number of “ghost hunting” shows that have cropped up in recent years—and here’s why.

Paranormal Witness, for the uninitiated, is a television program that airs on the Syfy Channel which is dedicated to telling the stories of people who have witnessed and experienced something paranormal. Most of the episodes of Paranormal Witness deal with ghosts and sometimes demonic entities; although there are the occasional episodes where something otherworldly such as aliens or mysterious animal creatures are the subject. The basic premise of the show is to combine interviews with the actual witnesses with dramatic re-enactments of the events that they witnessed.

One of the reasons that Paranormal Witness is far creepier than anything a ghost hunting should could offer is because of these re-enactments. In a ghost hunting show, the primary footage offered are people walking around in the dark, using night cameras, and occasional saying things like: “Did you hear that?” or “I feel really cold over here!” or “This room has bad energy.” While the people in question may very well be experiencing things like cold spots or mysterious noises, the nature of the film—night camera footage—does not lend itself to a good user experience.

Paranormal Witness, on the other hand, uses well made dramatic re-enactments that would feel right at home in a horror movie. Suspenseful music, atmospheric lighting, and creepy specific effects are a lot more effective at getting across the horror, fear and terror experienced by someone who is dealing with the paranormal than a night vision camera and the vocal discussion of cold spots or strange feelings. And the fact that shows often features downright terrifying depictions of ghosts and spirits does not hurt things, either.

The true horror, of course, comes from the fact that these reenactments may seem like they belong in a horror movie—but they are a reenactment of someone’s real, true witnessed events. It is one thing to watch a horror movie and be able to tell yourself that it’s not real, and quite another to watch a re-enactment of something that really happened.

Another reason that Paranormal Witness is far creepier than ghost hunting shows is the lasting impact of the episodes on someone’s mind. A ghost hunting show may very well deal with some creepy topics, and once in a while there is something memorable that will stick with you, but as a rule of thumb, simple footage cannot compare to a carefully crafted re-enactment. Because Paranormal Witness is actively designed to scare people while telling the true stories of families who have encountered ghosts or demons or other paranormal entities, it will always have the leg up over a ghost hunting show that, although it might be able to add some atmospheric music or sound effects, cannot compare with what is more or less a “Hollywood” style production.


Things We’d Like to See in Grimm

Grimm is one of NBC’s most popular shows and often scores the highest ratings in its traditional Friday time slot, which is a notoriously difficult day for television ratings. But Grimm has surprised NBC and viewers again and again with its intriguing plots, creative characters, and compelling narrative. Part of the reason that Grimm has been so popular may be our perpetual fascination with fairy tale characters and our fascination with horror and the darker side of nature. Grimm manages to combine both of these elements masterfully, resulting in a unique show that is gaining more followers with every reason. Grimm is a fantastic show as-in, but there are a few things that we would really like to see added in the coming episodes and hopefully multiple seasons.

More Information about Past Grimms

The trailer that Nick’s grandmother left behind is a testament to the work of past Grimms. The many books that Nick has inherited detail a rich past full of danger, adventure and the hunting of Vessen. Although Nick is a morally upright person who does not believe in killing Vessen simply because they are Vessen, his ancestors were definitely not of the same opinion. It would be interesting to have more information about past Grimms—who they were, why they did what they did, etc. This could be done through flashback sequences or some type of Vessen related power.

More Chemistry between Nick and Juliette

One of the core themes in the show is the relationship between Nick and Juliette. While this past season showed more promise than the previous seasons, Nick and Juliette just aren’t being given enough screen time together to really showcase their chemistry. And because Juliette is likely to play a pivotal role in future episodes of the show, it is important to establish a deeper relationship between the two. Even little moments, such as the recent episode where Rosalie and Monroe showed how much they cared for the feelings of each other, can add a lot to the character’s relationship.

More Information about the Resistance

It looks like the “Resistance” against the Vessen royal families is going to play a huge part in coming episodes of Grimm. However, although the resistance has been alluded to in the past, the exact nature of their resistance is not entirely clear. The show could benefit by giving more information about what stakes are really at play for the resistance, the royal family, and the Grimm.

More Fairy Tales/Folklore

Part of the charm of Grimm’s initial season was the frequency of “monster of the day” type cases, where Nick would be forced to confront crimes which were based on various fairy tale and folklore characters. These types of episodes went by the wayside in the last season and seem to be making a reemergence in the latest—we would love to see more fairy tale and folklore Vessen included in the show, even as the show tackles the Resistance plotline.


Will American Horror Story Redeem Madame LaLaurie?

American Horror Story is no stranger to controversy. And American Horror Story: Coven is perhaps the most controversial of the show’s three seasons, due to its inclusion of the infamous Madame LaLaurie. Madame LaLaurie is based on an actual historical figure that brutally tortured, maimed and killed her slaves—she has gone down in history as one of the prime examples of the cruelty of mankind, and the descriptions of her real-life actions are far more gruesome than anything a novelist or writer could imagine. In the American Horror Story canon, Madame LaLaurie was cursed with immortality by a voodoo witch before being locked in her own coffin and buried underground.

She remained there until Fiona, the supreme of the witch’s coven, discovered her and dug her up in the hopes of getting the secrets to immortality. Madame LaLaurie is then forced to live as the new maid of the school’s household, and she is even forced to be the personal servant of the school’s only black resident, Queenie.

Even the inclusion of such a controversial figure is enough to stir controversy. But the show’s decision to make her a human character—one who mourns the deaths of her daughters, who laments the fact that she has been trapped to live for an eternity, and who cannot cope with modern life—has generated plenty of talk, and not all of it has been positive. Is the show in the wrong for showing the “human” side of Madame LaLaurie? And, more importantly, will the show attempt to redeem her character?

Some fans of the show believe that the writers have given some indication that the show may travel down the path of redemption. The character’s supposed bond with Queenie, who saved Madame LaLaurie’s life, may be the writer’s way of showing that Madame LaLaurie is being forced to confront her prejudices and her racism. Even after the reveal that she once murdered the newborn baby of a slave in jealousy, Queenie has not appeared to “give up” on Madame LaLaurie.

In the show’s last episode before the winter midseason break, Queenie has placed the head of Madame LaLaurie (her head, in true American Horror Story fashion, having been severed from her body) in front of a television screen while she is forced to watch various movies and television shows about African-American history. In the pivotal last scene of the episode, Madame LaLaurie is shown crying as a video about the civil rights moment plays to a song about freedom.

For many people, this is the start of a path of redemption—but was the scene all it appeared to be? While some fans believe LaLaurie was crying due to the images of the screen, others believe it is more likely that she was crying out of self-pity for her own longing for “freedom” and the injustice she believed was being done to her—not the injustice she had believed in and perpetuated.