Wonder Woman Biography

Among DC Comics staple of wonderful comic book heroes is Wonder Woman.   Perhaps a bit dated by today’s standards, Wonder Woman enjoys a vast history within the comic book world.  Her origins and powers are well known.  Being an Amazon woman she is super strong and agile, able to take down foes much larger than she.  Like one of her partners in fighting crime, Superman, she is able to fly as well.

She has tons of weapons: the Lasso of Truth, with which she garners information from the bad guys, the invisible jet she flies around in, indestructible bracelets, and even a tiara she can throw at her enemies!

Created in the early 40’s, Wonder Woman has become a symbol for the recently liberated woman, a product of Women’s Suffrage.  To say Wonder Woman is a strong female hero is a sever understatement.  She can kick some serious butt!  Her first origin story entailed her saving a US airman fighting in WWII when he crashed onto her home island.  This makes sense for the character because we were fighting the Nazis at the time and the creators wanted her to be topical and popular.

This origin story later changed.  During Comic’s Silver Age her origin was changed to include more mythological aspects to her character, which were very Greek by nature.  She became known as Princess Diana (and this was in fact an alias) and still possessed great physical powers, but her Amazonian roots became something more, more heroic.

Later on in the 70’s she once again went back to her superhero roots and joined the Justice League of America.  In what is known as the Modern Age, Wonder Woman’s more mythological origins were once more included in her bio.  There were plenty of Greek deities that were responsible for her birthing and even aided her in her battles against evil.


After the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, her character became what we know of it today and this story has become a seminal event in DC comics, with cross-over from many of the most well known characters.  She is known as an ambassador from another land and charged with bringing peace to the outside world.  This is where Wonder Woman became an important piece of the Justice League puzzle and she in fact is one of the most important members, perhaps only behind Superman and Batman.

Wonder Woman is one of the more likable characters in the DC pantheon as well as being one of the most important.  She transcends most hard boiled superheroes like the gritty Dark Knight Batman by being portrayed as more compassionate and friendly, even towards her enemies.  Foes and friends alike come to know her as a sweet motherly character that is able to give love and even feel compassion for those in need of it.  She will not discriminate against people arrayed against her to do battle.

But even understanding this, she will act in a violent, deadly manner when provoked if necessary, using her great strength against anyone stupid enough to mess with her.  Sometimes she is shown to be somewhat naïve, given her otherworldly nature.  She is not from normal society after all and this lack of social experience can sometimes interfere with her ability to interact with others, especially those up to no good.  She is an honest, caring person and believes in the possibility that others will be the same.  It is human nature to think other people are like we are and this human quality is a big part of her appeal.

It is human nature to think other people are like we are and this human quality is a big part of her appeal.  Make no mistake, though, Wonder Woman can be fierce and determined when she needs to be and it is this depth that makes her so both likable and enduring for so many years.


Two characters from The Walking Dead Comics We Want to See on the Show

It is no secret that The Walking Dead TV show has taken a lot of liberties from the storyline provided by the comics. Although the basic premise of the show is the same, and many of the characters in the show are based on characters found in the original comic series, there are a lot of differences between the two. Everything from the inclusion of new characters like Daryl Dixon to the alteration of character’s fates, like the extended life of Shane and the early death of Dale, have shown that the show is not afraid of diverging from its source material.

Although the show is not a carbon copy of the comics, there are some characters from the comic book series that we believe need to make an appearance on its television counterpart. The following are the top two characters from the original Walking Dead comic that we definitely want to see on the show.

Negan and his group

The character of Negan is one of the most controversial characters in the original comic. In the comic series, Negan and his group are the antithesis of everything that Rick and his group have come to stand for. Rick has learned that violence is not a means to an end, and that trying to lead with violence only leads to death and suffering. Negan, on the other hand, not only leads with violence but enjoys it—he is a true sadist who has no problem causing suffering, pain and death on his slightest whim. Seeing Rick and his group face the truly terrifying rule of Negan would give the show major tension and suspense.

And considering what befalls some of the characters in the Negan story arc in the comic, it might also cause some huge ripples in the show’s lineup. The fact that certain characters die or are dramatically altered by Negan may play a factor in whether or not he really does make an appearance—will the show runners risk killing off fan favorites for the sake of the comic’s story?


Ezekiel and his group

If the show does bring in Negan, they will have to—or, more importantly, they should—bring in the character of Ezekiel and the group that he leads. Ezekiel is the true opposite of Negan—both are the leaders of their own group, but where Negan rules as a tyrant through fear and violence, Ezekiel is the “citizen king” who protects his people.

Although Ezekiel plays a huge role in the Negan storyline and his complex characterization would make for a richer show, there is one factor that might have the show runners reconsidering his inclusion: his domesticated tiger, Shiva. Will fans of the show accept a domesticated tiger as part of the show which has taken great pains to focus on the ‘reality’ of its world? Or will it be seen as too outlandish, even for a show populated by zombies? Only time will tell!

Must-Watch Episodes of the Vampire Diaries Season 2

Each season of the Vampire Diaries has been filled with its share of romance, thrills, scares and surprise. For this exact reason, it can be hard for fans of the show to pinpoint their favorite season. Out of all the up-till-now seasons of the show, however, it is the second season which delivered the most surprises. The second season of the show took a much darker and more serious turn than the first season, in addition to introducing characters like Elijah, who have since become one of the most popular characters in the show as well as the spin-off, The Originals. For those reasons (among others!) the second season is often considered the “fan favorite” season.

Every episode of the second season is worth watching for its own merits, but the following are the definite “must watch” episodes of this outstanding, fan favorite second season.

Episode 1: “The Return”

The seasons first episode was a whammy. Most shows would probably save what happened in the first episode for the climax of the season, but The Vampire Diaries had no problem pulling out all the stops in the season opener. The shock when Damon snapped Jeremys neck is still listed among the most shocking moments of the entire series. But most remarkable was Nina Dobrevs return as Katherine, proving that she was more than capable of playing two very different, very compelling roles.


Episode 7: Masquerade

Masquerade was an episode full of changes, surprises—and definite shock.

If the previous episodes left doubt as to Katherines ruthlessness, Masquerade made no qualms about showing Stefanand the audiencejust how cruel she could be. During the much anticipated masquerade ball, Katherine showed Stefan just how far she was willing to go by casually snapping Aimee Bradleys spine in front of them before dumping her lifeless body in his arms.

But it was the ultimate fate of Katherine that left many viewers with their mouths hanging open. In one of the most surprising twists of the season, Elena, Damon and Stefan concocted a plan to trap Katherine in the very tomb that she had spent a century and a half trying to avoid. The masterful way they pulled off this surprising twist is what makes episode 7 of season two one of the must-see episodes of the entire season and the series.

Episode 8: “Rose”

The eighth episode of the second season introduced us to Elijah, one of the Originals, in a dramatic and violent way. With Elijahs introduction, the show introduced a character who was willing to do anything to get what he wantedincluding knocking off the head of Trevor with as little care as swatting a fly. Aside from our first introduction to Elijah, this episode is also worth watching because of the scenes between Stefan and Damon. For once, the often-quarreling Salvatore brothers were working side by side—without fighting, without trying to kill each other, both in pursuit of one common goal.


Why Paranormal Witness Terrifies Us More than “Ghost Hunting” Shows

Paranormal Witness is one of the scariest shows on television, and is infinitely more terrifying than the number of “ghost hunting” shows that have cropped up in recent years—and here’s why.

Paranormal Witness, for the uninitiated, is a television program that airs on the Syfy Channel which is dedicated to telling the stories of people who have witnessed and experienced something paranormal. Most of the episodes of Paranormal Witness deal with ghosts and sometimes demonic entities; although there are the occasional episodes where something otherworldly such as aliens or mysterious animal creatures are the subject. The basic premise of the show is to combine interviews with the actual witnesses with dramatic re-enactments of the events that they witnessed.

One of the reasons that Paranormal Witness is far creepier than anything a ghost hunting should could offer is because of these re-enactments. In a ghost hunting show, the primary footage offered are people walking around in the dark, using night cameras, and occasional saying things like: “Did you hear that?” or “I feel really cold over here!” or “This room has bad energy.” While the people in question may very well be experiencing things like cold spots or mysterious noises, the nature of the film—night camera footage—does not lend itself to a good user experience.

Paranormal Witness, on the other hand, uses well made dramatic re-enactments that would feel right at home in a horror movie. Suspenseful music, atmospheric lighting, and creepy specific effects are a lot more effective at getting across the horror, fear and terror experienced by someone who is dealing with the paranormal than a night vision camera and the vocal discussion of cold spots or strange feelings. And the fact that shows often features downright terrifying depictions of ghosts and spirits does not hurt things, either.

The true horror, of course, comes from the fact that these reenactments may seem like they belong in a horror movie—but they are a reenactment of someone’s real, true witnessed events. It is one thing to watch a horror movie and be able to tell yourself that it’s not real, and quite another to watch a re-enactment of something that really happened.

Another reason that Paranormal Witness is far creepier than ghost hunting shows is the lasting impact of the episodes on someone’s mind. A ghost hunting show may very well deal with some creepy topics, and once in a while there is something memorable that will stick with you, but as a rule of thumb, simple footage cannot compare to a carefully crafted re-enactment. Because Paranormal Witness is actively designed to scare people while telling the true stories of families who have encountered ghosts or demons or other paranormal entities, it will always have the leg up over a ghost hunting show that, although it might be able to add some atmospheric music or sound effects, cannot compare with what is more or less a “Hollywood” style production.


Things We’d Like to See in Grimm

Grimm is one of NBC’s most popular shows and often scores the highest ratings in its traditional Friday time slot, which is a notoriously difficult day for television ratings. But Grimm has surprised NBC and viewers again and again with its intriguing plots, creative characters, and compelling narrative. Part of the reason that Grimm has been so popular may be our perpetual fascination with fairy tale characters and our fascination with horror and the darker side of nature. Grimm manages to combine both of these elements masterfully, resulting in a unique show that is gaining more followers with every reason. Grimm is a fantastic show as-in, but there are a few things that we would really like to see added in the coming episodes and hopefully multiple seasons.

More Information about Past Grimms

The trailer that Nick’s grandmother left behind is a testament to the work of past Grimms. The many books that Nick has inherited detail a rich past full of danger, adventure and the hunting of Vessen. Although Nick is a morally upright person who does not believe in killing Vessen simply because they are Vessen, his ancestors were definitely not of the same opinion. It would be interesting to have more information about past Grimms—who they were, why they did what they did, etc. This could be done through flashback sequences or some type of Vessen related power.

More Chemistry between Nick and Juliette

One of the core themes in the show is the relationship between Nick and Juliette. While this past season showed more promise than the previous seasons, Nick and Juliette just aren’t being given enough screen time together to really showcase their chemistry. And because Juliette is likely to play a pivotal role in future episodes of the show, it is important to establish a deeper relationship between the two. Even little moments, such as the recent episode where Rosalie and Monroe showed how much they cared for the feelings of each other, can add a lot to the character’s relationship.

More Information about the Resistance

It looks like the “Resistance” against the Vessen royal families is going to play a huge part in coming episodes of Grimm. However, although the resistance has been alluded to in the past, the exact nature of their resistance is not entirely clear. The show could benefit by giving more information about what stakes are really at play for the resistance, the royal family, and the Grimm.

More Fairy Tales/Folklore

Part of the charm of Grimm’s initial season was the frequency of “monster of the day” type cases, where Nick would be forced to confront crimes which were based on various fairy tale and folklore characters. These types of episodes went by the wayside in the last season and seem to be making a reemergence in the latest—we would love to see more fairy tale and folklore Vessen included in the show, even as the show tackles the Resistance plotline.